1- Click the Clients button from the menu after logging in to FieldPie.

2- Find the client that you want to plan visit, you can access the client more quickly by using the filter panel.

3- Click the Edit Client  button located on the left side of the client.

4- Click the Plan New Visitbutton.

5- Select the field force who will perform the  visit.

6- Select the priority of the visit. There are 3 options in this area as a priority; Low, Medium and High.

7- Click on the Plan Date area and select a plan date from the calendar.

8- Click on the Plan Starts At area and select a start time. Likewise, select the planned end time from the Plan Ends At area.

9- If you have any notes you want to add, add them into the Plan Note area.

10- You can complete the visit planning process by clicking the SAVE button